How can—and should—we think about the relationship between storytelling and Generative AI? How do we avoid determinist assumptions that this novel technology will fundamentally undermine the stories we tell—while still acknowledging the unique challenges and opportunities of the current moment? These are some of the questions that animate us, and below are some resources we have found valuable to engage with as we explore them.

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Perspectives & Press

Scholarly Literature

Simon, F. M., Altay, S., & Mercier, H. (2023). Misinformation reloaded? Fears about the impact of generative AI on misinformation are overblown. Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review, 4(5).

Pedagogical Resources




Generative AI exists because of the transformer [Visual Storytelling Team and Madhumita Murgia, Financial Times]

AI book bans: testing LLMs against the freedom to read [Matteo Cargnelutti & Kristi Mukk, Library Innovation Lab]

How to avoid falling for misinformation, AI images on social media [Heather Kelly, Washington Post]

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